Nilton Lopes

Front end Developer

Creating cool products and providing great user experiences for the web.

About me

I'm a front-end developer with 8 years of experience building web products. I want to widen my horizons and create amazing products for businesses all over the world.

I prefer to stay in constant contact with my colleagues to ensure that I'm doing my best for the product and that my decisions empower them. Furthermore, I'm the type of professional who feels a sense of ownership, and I also aim to consider the user side to ensure that the product is very simple, friendly, and an amazing experience.

One project that I particularly enjoyed working on was an application that displayed data from spinning bikes in real time via web sockets. The idea behind it was a dashboard that could display data collected from the bikes on a large screen in the gym. While the athletes were performing the exercises, they could view information such as ranking, average speed, distance, and so forth. To do that, It was used React.js, and Node.js.


May 2019 ~ Present

Frontend Developer - RFALabsLogo

As a Front-end Developer, I'm building out a new platform that makes the mortgage process simple for this Canadian bank. I'm doing that using React.js and Typescript by creating reusable components, implementing new interfaces based on the Figma design, maintaining the code as clean as possible, using azure and git.

ReactHTMLCSSTypescriptgitAzureChakra UIFigmaNX
Jan 2022 ~ Apr 2023

Senior Frontend Developer - Fluency Academy Logo

Fluency academy is an EdTech company that makes their students achieve fluency in many languages. They needed a new and customized Learning Management System to allow their users to consume their content. I built out the new platform, the Content Management system and the video player using React.js, Typescript, Vite and Redux. I was responsible for creating the initial architecture of the project, implement the interfaces based on the Figma design, create reusable components, maintain the Storybook updates, make code reviews and deploy the application.

ReactHTMLCSSTypescriptgitAWSChakra UIViteFigmaMobxNext.js
Oct 2020 ~ Jan 2022

Frontend Developer - Pixelwolf Logo

I've worked in a new investment platform for a company who provides investments in fund of investment. The goal was to create a complete new platform to allow their customers to make their investments. To do that it was used React.js, Redux, Typescript, Next.js. I worked implementing new features, fixing bugs, making the redesign of some pages, code reviews and being one of the contacts with the client.

ReactHTMLCSSTypescriptgitAWSChakra UIReduxNext.js
Dec 2019 ~ Oct 2020

Frontend Developer - MadeiraMadeiraLogo

Alongside the design and backend team, In one of the projects, I did the redesign of the cart page and user logged in page to make the purchase process and the after sales more user-friendly and more effective. In both projects it was used Typescript, HTML, CSS and SASS.

ReactHTMLCSSTypescriptgitAWSChakra UIReduxNext.js